Beautiful & Divine

by Akinmayowa Adedoyin Shobo

To make divine and beautiful - 
He made them
A perfect choice, 
In style and intent, 
A symbol of intense affection.

They inherited gifts
Rulership over all his estate
Benevolent, he allotted them
Might over their will, their body
His laboratory.

A great artist, he designed 
A fabric of exquisite stuff
Sewn into elegancy
Poured a cocktail of many impossible feats
A nature surprisingly unpredictable.

A thought was born -
Wrapped with the enlightening stuff of God
Combined, the hardness of the diamond
The brightness of a billion stars
Sturdiness of earth
The vastness of the seas
The intelligence of a bevy of supercomputers
Fabricated into a single invention.

It took love
It took the entire universe
To make them divine and beautiful.

Akinmayowa Adedoyin Shobo is a graduate in the field of the life sciences. He is thrilled by various genres of literature, music, history and science. He divides his time between being a public health researcher and volunteering for community development projects. He writes on several platforms including – book projects, blogs, magazines. He lives in Lagos, Nigeria.

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