Whose Christmas? ๐ŸŽ„

by Ron Levi

Can you hear the soft sighs of a heart in distress?
Listen, intently off in the distance.
There it is again.

Be quiet. Holiday cheer drowns out the murmuring whimpers of desperate souls longing for relief.
Where are the faithful followers of Christ?
Canโ€™t they hear the solemn, saddened cries from the overwhelmed people society deems worthless?

Christmas is a celebratory time, sacred hymns resounding from stores, malls, and the buzz of online sales! 
Who has time to waste on the riffraff of society?
The closed hearts of preoccupied shoppers continue until every gift is purchased. 

Isnโ€™t the holiday season a delightful tribute to the Savior?
Wait, even with the frenzied pace of misguided charlatans of the Faith, the gentle whispers for help now fade since no one cares. 

The season is for merriment as we lavish loved ones with gifts.

We are too busy to be distracted.
Hurry, sundown is coming with so many stores to go.
Besides,  it is also time to prepare for New Yearโ€™s. 

Hold on. I thought I heard a soft sigh. 

No, I did not. 
I cannot hear it now. All I hear is Jingle Bells. 

Ron Levi has been sharing his writing via email, text, and Facebook for over thirty years. His only goal is to be faithful in writing what his heart hears.

2 thoughts on “Whose Christmas? ๐ŸŽ„

  1. Thanks for the reminder, Ron. We needed that. If I am not too late, may He remain at the center of your celebrations.


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