Advent Prayer 🎄

by Nolcha Fox

Keep me looking up to You,
not down at myself,
for I am Your child.
You are my beloved Father.

Keep me from frustration 
at what I can’t control.
Don’t let my gravestone read 
“She Died Angry.”

Let me always thank you
for life, its joys and troubles,
This world is not my final home.
My final home is You.

Holy Spirit, fill 
my life with joy.
May my only whine be
what I drink with cheese.

Nolcha Fox has written all her life, starting with poop and crayons on the walls. That led to a long career in technical writing. She retired into creative writing. Her poems have been published in WyoPoets News, Duck Head Journal, Ancient Paths, Dark Entries, and The Red Lemon Review.

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