Why? 🎄

by Dee Lorraine

Why do all the men I love die?” Kaye wondered.

Kaye’s brother, a teacher, died shielding a student from gunfire at school.

First boyfriend. Car crash, speeding with buddies.

Father. Cancer.

Favorite uncle. Heart attack.

Husband. Killed in the line of duty.

Kaye had told him Thursday she was pregnant.

He died Friday.

Were the sins of the fathers visited on the sons?


Unlike her friends, Kaye didn’t want to know the gender until her baby was born.

She prayed for a healthy baby who would live a long, happy life.

A child who would outlive her.

Kaye thought about the Virgin Mary. Mary knew she was bearing the Son of God.

He was born to die for the sins of all fathers, sons, mothers, and daughters.


Because God so loved the world.

How deep was Mary’s joy the day Jesus was born?

How much sorrow did she experience the day her husband Joseph died?

How deep was Mary’s pain as she witnessed her Son Jesus dying on the Cross?

And how much happiness did she have at His resurrection!?

Kaye wept.

For Mother Mary and all she endured.

For the pain, suffering, and perfect sacrifice of Jesus Christ, Savior of the world.

For mothers and fathers who have seen their children die, and asked: “Why?”

For children living and yet to live.

For children dying and yet to die.


Kaye went into labor late Christmas Eve.

In the delivery room on Christmas morning, Kaye heard a tiny cry.

Her doctor said, “Congratulations, Kaye! You have a healthy baby….”

Scripture References (KJV)
Ezekiel 18:20
Isaiah 9:6
Luke 1:26-38
John 3:16

Dee Lorraine writes fiction, non-fiction, and poetry, some of which can be found in Friday Flash Fiction and Midwest Book Review. Dee’s YouTube channel, “Superfast Stories”, features her videos of writers’ drabbles; “Provoke Unto Love” promotes a Christ-centered permanent solution to the USA’s homelessness crisis.

2 thoughts on “Why? 🎄

  1. Only He knows WHY. Juxtaposition brilliantly crafted to remind us that we are all in this together. Congratulations to Kaye for the gift of a healthy baby. Provocative.


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