My Beautiful Garden

by Bob Rowe

I’m going to plant a garden filled with flowers, scents, colors, wonders, love and joy. I’ll make a little sign. I’ll attach it to a stick and put it at the entrance to my garden. The sign will say, “Heaven.” On warm sunny days, I’ll sit outdoors, feel the gentle breeze, drink lemonade and enjoy my garden.

Oh, but what if there’s not enough sun and my flowers wilt and die? Or worse, the seeds never sprout? Or birds eat the seeds? Or rabbits eat the blossoms? Or the neighbor’s kids chase a ball into my yard and trample the flowers?

What if there are weeds or the flowers are scrawny looking or people laugh at my “Heaven” sign? Will they gossip about me? Will they think I’m too weird to invite to their parties and picnics? Will I be so ashamed that I’ll have to sell my house and move away?

Where will I go? Will I be able to sell my house with a garden full of weeds and trampled flowers? Should I remove the “Heaven” sign in case the only person who might want to buy my house is an atheist?

Maybe I shouldn’t make the “Heaven” sign. Maybe I shouldn’t plant the garden. Maybe the whole plan is a dumb idea.

Or maybe, I should plant my garden, make the sign, make some lemonade and leave the rest to God.

Bob Rowe’s stories of hope and inspiration have been featured in publications including The Lutheran Digest, Communicator, Radio & Records, Our Little Friend, Grapevine and on television. His story “Jenny, Sweet Jenny” won the National Trial Lawyers’ Golden Gavel Award. Bob lives in northern Vermont.

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