Seeking 🎄

by Christal Ann Rice Cooper

The farmer’s cave,
Isolated from every lighted place,
Withstood the harsh of winter
Where the Baby’s cry could be heard.

The royal men left their palaces 
To ask King Herod about the Baby’s birth
but they trusted only the chosen poor 

traveling by day on their decorated camels,
by night dwelling in the comfort of their silk tents

Finally, within two years, 
They discovered the House of Joseph 

When they saw the Toddler Boy
They smiled  
The frozen ice visible on their skin,
Shining like diamonds in their beards. 

Christal Ann Rice Cooper identifies herself as a Jesus-loving and Gospel-relying person. She is a newspaper writer, feature stories writer, poet, fiction writer, photographer, and painter. She has a Bachelor’s in Criminal Justice and completed all of her poetry and fiction workshops required for her Master’s in Creative Writing with a focus on poetry. She maintains a website at

She, her husband Wayne, sons Nicholas and Caleb, cats Nation and Alaska reside in the St. Louis area.

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