Diamond In The Sky 🎄

by Christal Ann Rice Cooper

They followed the Star
for months on end.
They knew He had been born.
They just didn’t know where or when.

They were intelligent beyond all measure.
They had knowledge in their own field
but they wanted to find the Treasure
so to King Herod, they made an appeal.

He gave no good leads
or expressed a sincere love for the King
but they continued to follow the Star
even if it meant abandoning everything.

Days turned to weeks
and weeks turned to a year.
They were tempted to give into defeat
but the Star strengthened them over their fear. 

Finally, through the thick and thin,
the Star shined over a small humble home
in which the Baby did abide within
with His mother and father alone.

They wore expensive jewels and purple silk  
Joseph welcomed them in without hesitation.
They observed the Baby drinking His milk
and knew this Treasure was worth all frustration.

The Baby sat on His mom’s lap
and the men felt a presence that was lovingly bold.
They produced an expensive knapsack,
full of myrrh, frankincense, and gold.

For some reason, the gifts seemed incomplete
so they drew closer to the Baby-King 
and kissed His soft and royal cheek
and they sensed a change in everything.

“This is not the face of a Baby Boy
whom we have just kissed.
It is the face of God - the Creator
of everything that has or will exist.”

On this day, these men came to know Love-
a place for the old to completely die,
a committed relationship with God above
the One who placed the Diamond in the sky.  

Christal Ann Rice Cooper identifies herself as a Jesus-loving and Gospel-relying person. She is a newspaper writer, feature stories writer, poet, fiction writer, photographer, and painter. She has a Bachelor’s in Criminal Justice and completed all of her poetry and fiction workshops required for her Master’s in Creative Writing with a focus on poetry. She maintains a website at www.chrisricecooper.com

She, her husband Wayne, sons Nicholas and Caleb, cats Nation and Alaska reside in the St. Louis area.

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