Contemplation Cookies

by Jain Brunet Anderson

Fluffy white flour
Once golden fields of wheat
Now, swirled in a bowl
Playfully becoming 
Chocolate chip cookies
A mixture of elements of 
Earth and Life

Sodium Chloride – Sea salt from Spain
Sodium bicarbonate – Baking Soda from Indiana
Oregon eggs, Washington butter
San Francisco chocolate
 Hawaiian sugar
Vanilla, all the way
From Madagascar

All gathered and assembled here
Now, in an Idaho kitchen
Carefully measured, just so
Joined both physically and chemically
Just now in this moment
Becoming something new, a
Communal Creation

A joyful seed Created by God
Eons ago, micro evolves
Through natural selection
Set in motion by our Creator
Then cultivated
 Generation after generation
Just so

Now, a simple cookie, offered
A humble gift of
Gratitude and Thanksgiving

Jain Brunet Anderson is a believer in God and follower of Jesus. She is a Cuban-American residing in the United States. Jain is a wife, daughter, sister and teacher. Her interests include poetry, prayer, reading, science, nature, and all things creative and created by God.

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