The Honeybee

by Fred Miller

I pause to gaze upon the lively 
dance of a tiny honeybee, a 
frenzy of energy and pluck, a 
known resolve of orderly purpose, 
his animate nature no more than 
a speck in our immeasurable cosmos.

What should I think of his sly little shuffle? 
To-and-fro, he boogies about with wild 
abandon in rhythm with a gentle summer 
breeze that dusts his bristly fur coat with 
sprays of glistening gold and magnifies
the regal nature of his pursuits.

Perhaps he may deign to share a sample of
his savored treasure, so rare and fine, with
one who pays homage to his time-honored
quest. Just a taste, I think, a meaningful
reminder that I’ve yet to lose touch with 
the inspiring ambrosia he guards so well. 

No, I dare not inquire and interrupt the 
spirit of his diminutive existence, one 
that fulfills a noble aspiration of sharing 
with others who await his mission, a revered 
destiny that brings sustenance and meaning 
to the long chain of God’s unending glory.

Fred Miller is a Californian writer. Over fifty of his stories and poems have appeared in publications around the world over the past ten years. Many may be found on his blog:

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