Good Old Peter!

by Nathaniel Okolo

She says she wants to be another Peter,
Why bother, I can think of something better
Why not be better, than good old Peter
Serve my master, like there was no other
For there is no other, better than my master.
To do His every pleasure, constantly dwelling in His favour
Unlike good old Peter, I want to always be by my master
Following His every order, never deny my master, stand by Him forever.
But alas! I am weaker, even weaker than Peter,
For when I seek to serve my father, I end up pleasing another.
So, I mutter, why even bother,
When I do not even have the power, to serve better than Peter.
I can give you the power,
Says my father, to serve me like no other, just surrender.
And so, I surrendered, for I was a sinner, in need of a redeemer, a saviour to deliver
And now I am empowered, to serve Him like no other… But not better than Peter
For the purpose of the power, is not to see who can serve Him better,
But love Him like no other
For to serve Him like no other, is to love him like no other,
And who could do that better, than good old Peter!

Nathaniel Okolo is a poet, writer (with a focus on short stories and micro-fiction), an editor, and a medical student. He currently lives in Lagos, Nigeria. His work has appeared in literary magazines like Literary Yard and Qwenu among others.

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