The Woman Who Once Loved Paul: a Fiction

by Mary Harwell Sayler

I knew him best when he was known as Saul –
not a leader of the church throughout the world!
I knew him in young days when he was small
and could hide in a baker’s basket with me, his girl.

We swore ourselves to the God of Avraham
and Sarah, Yitzchak, Rivkah, Yaakov, and Rachel, 
but Saul got swayed by The One he called a Lamb,
sacrificing our future for what? I could not tell.

How could he choose a Martyr over me?
And why did he change his name and everything?
When I asked, he said Messiah made him free!
I snapped! Who wants a dead god as our king?

We broke apart – not looking back that day.
I married someone else. He went The Way.

Mary Harwell Sayler began reading the Bible and writing poems in childhood and never stopped! Eventually, she placed over 2,500 poems, prayers, articles, and children’s stories as well as books in all genres, many of which can be found on Amazon. After collecting prayers and promises from the major translations of the Bible, she paraphrased them into contemporary English, and published the Book of Bible Prayers then Kneeling on the Promises of God.  Mary also selected poems from her previously published works for A Gathering of Poems. She provides online help for poets and other communicators for Christ while remaining active on FacebookTwitterLinkedInTumblr, and, gratefully, Agape Review.

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