Let Me Be Worthy

by Laura Foley

Of our sun-glazed hill’s
snow-bright sanctuary,
the indoor fig tree
we tend together, growing
tender new leaves,
our companionable,
silent morning reading,
my unselfconscious walk
in bathrobe and cleats,
down the steep hill
in crisp winter air,
claiming it—yes, bliss,
an answer to prayers
murmured for years,
including last night.

Laura Foley is the author of seven poetry collections. Why I Never Finished My Dissertation received a starred Kirkus Review, was among their top poetry books of 2019, and won an Eric Hoffer Award. Her collection It’s This is forthcoming from Salmon Press. Her poems have won numerous awards, and national recognition—read frequently by Garrison Keillor on The Writers Almanac; appearing in Ted Kooser’s American Life in Poetry. Laura lives with her wife, Clara Gimenez, among the hills of Vermont.

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