The Rendez-Vous

by Sarah Law

(after St Elizabeth of the Trinity)

He is the meeting-place
for those who turn to light
the way a flower 
opens to the sun,
her pollen mingling
on the bee's wings 
with all the open ones.
And so I bid you pray
in synchronicity with me
(we earth-bound souls
still wuthering in time). 
I recently discovered
how our own loosed kin
already dwell in Him
and how, to meet,
we only need to tune ourselves 
to love's long song.

Sarah Law lives in London and is an Associate Lecturer for the Open University. She has poems in The Windhover, St Katherine Review, America, Psaltery & Lyre, Soul-Lit, Heart of Flesh and elsewhere. Her latest collection, Thérèse: Poems is published by Paraclete Press. She edits Amethyst Review, an online journal for new writing engaging with the sacred.

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