The Sparkling Diamond

by Irene Surya

When facing stressful situations 
And pressures in life,
Will you settle yourself to be a clump of coal
Or transform into a valuable diamond?

You can become a valuable diamond
When you submit your cares
Into the hands of the Good Shepherd
Who will guide you with his loving hands. 

When mined out of earth
As a dull, shapeless diamond,
Will you undergo the disciplining of the great Teacher
To transform into a sparkling diamond?

You can become a sparkling diamond
When you are cut and polished
By the hands of the master Craftsman
Who will perfect you with His craftsmanship.

When you radiate the beauty of Christ
By the myriad hues and colors
Of godly character and nature,
The name of Christ is glorified through you.

Dr. Irene Surya has authored a book of poems, In Solitude with God. She loves and serves the Lord with her husband. A devout mother to two daughters, she has earned her Doctorate in Engineering from a premier institution. Currently, she is teaching in an Engineering institution.

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