In The Chapel At Midnight

by Dacious Kasoka

All kith and kin took after
the form of clay;
iced and mute,
Winds—cold and raw;
burning into their bones.

Asudden, a choir breezed
out from a vestry twixt
the chancel and the pulpit;
all singing in a heavy-hearted tune,
songs of sad goodbye.

"Come hither, and hearken to
the holy writs,"
spake he, a bard
who looked to be a preacher
and evangelist,
grasping the Bible in his right palm.

Thither I was,
as he spoke of heaven,
a blissful haven where
mortals—poets and painters,
and all men dip and rinse in
the fountain of youth,
and cease to die.

"Draw your knees, clasp your hands
and bury your feet in the earth,
repent for your sins
for eternity is nigh."
As an amen escaped my lips,
so did the choir melt
in the thin air.

Dacious Kasoka enjoys reading and writing poetry. He writes from his hometown in Lusaka, Zambia. His poems have appeared in many blogs and magazines such as Williwash WordPress magazine. He is a member of Zambia Book Club(ZBC). He is currently pursuing a Bachelor’s degree in Economics at Kwame Nkurumah University in Kabwe, Zambia.

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