Return of Christ the King

by Susie Reeves

Worship from the heavens
with wave-after-wave
of expanding and multiplying
love and joy.
The universe is
with resounding praise
ultimate worship
as every eye sees Him
as He is,
the Source of all life and light,
finally received
by His own.
The Word of His Power
holds together every atom and molecule of creation.
The groaning of the earth stops and rests
in the exquisite pleasure of
its King
at last entering
His longed-for reign.
Each member of His Body experiences
His unfathomable Love and Peace
as He draws them home
into His heart.
The same Spirit
that raised Christ
from the dead
gives eternal life to our bodies,
transforming us to be like Him,
drawn into the unifying power and love
of the Holy Spirit,
making us one Holy Body,
His Bride.

After receiving her BFA in drawing, painting, and printmaking from the University of Kansas, Susie Reeves served as a caseworker in Harlem. She and her husband, Troy, moved to San Angelo, Texas, where Susie taught Bible classes to mentally challenged adults and was on the founding board of Pregnancy Help Center of the Concho Valley. She and her husband, Troy, volunteer at their church’s men’s homeless shelter. They live in Nixa, Missouri.

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