You Alone

by Melissa Kaesberg

Lord, I reach out for You.
You are the Way, the Life and the Truth.
In the growing shadows, You are my Light
and in a world full of wrong, You are the only Right.
Your love is pure, Your love is true,
surpassing all boundaries of what we thought we knew.
Lord, I look for You.
I turn my head and there You are.
You never leave me, from my side You are never far.
Only You can I trust completely,
only by You am I loved unconditionally.
Lord, I listen for Your voice.
Yours is the guidance and the wisdom I seek.
Your arms only give me the comfort I need,
only You can give me the peace that I seek.
Lord, I call out to You.
Wondering never if You are listening.
I needn’t hear Your voice to know that You hear mine,
my prayers reach You up to heaven every time.
I know that You hear me and I know only You know me,
You alone give me everything I need.
Lord, I wait for You.
Only Your timing is perfect timing,
You alone know what is best.
Your word is the only word that is true,
I know no harm will ever come from You.
Only with You am I safe,
only You will never forsake.
Lord, I love you truly.
You are the only One who has ever been there,
and the only One who ever will.
There exists no worry that You will ever leave,
and I am reminded when I hear You say, “Be still.”
You are my only Forever, the only One I can believe,
there is no other I can depend on, there is no one else 
who is completely for me.
I’ve never been loved so purely, so deeply,
despite the fact that I fall short.
I’ve never had a more important, meaningful, amazing relationship,
than that which I have with my Father, my Lord.

Melissa Kaesberg is a (very blessed) mom and wife with a full-time job. She started writing at a very young age and is something that she has always enjoyed. It is especially meaningful to her when her writing touches someone or helps someone in some way. Melissa’s work has been published in Words of The Lamb as well as is forthcoming in the poetry anthology, Turning the Corner by Eber & Wein Publishing. Her first children’s book titled, The Ocean, will be released in the next few months. Melissa hopes to release lots more pieces in the coming months and more, and hopes that they all bring happiness, inspiration and touch everyone who reads them.

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