My 2023 Easter

by Ana Atanasković

For this Easter I planned a kind of low profile. The person closest to me has recently suffered a heavy loss and my intention was not to stir up someone who perhaps did not feel like celebrating. Love sometimes means not bothering and letting go. Love for another sometimes means “I’m not important”.

I planned to perform one of the customs related to Easter and nothing else. If something else came along, it would be welcome, but I haven’t thought much about any possibilities. My status was pleasantly calm and pleasantly not expecting, surrendering myself to God’s will. Calmness and not expecting are some of the most powerful forms of prayers to God. They came to me spontaneously, I did not plan them either.

And, then on Easter morning, I got three messages that caught my eye because they were inviting me to action (two of them came true that day). They were from a friend, from an acquaintance from Greece and from the person closest to me. Then Easter turned into a day with additional joy. I say additional because it is already joy, even if you are in a cave, on a cliff, wherever Jesus has risen!

So the trinity of friendship, Greece and closeness filled the Day of all days that gives light to my heart even after it passes. I cannot help but feel it was the graceful gift of God.

Ana Atanasković is a writer from Serbia. She graduated English language and literature at the Faculty of Philology in Belgrade, and holds a Master’s degree in advertising in literature. Ana has over ten published books to her credit. As a journalist, she wrote for Serbian edition of ELLE, as well as for many prominent Serbian magazines and websites (currentlym she writes for one print magazine and two digital publications). She has won several awards for best book reviews and stories. Besides, she also works as a content writer.

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