Dear Mirror

by Megan Archuleta 

Thin glass
is all you are
Yet you have a hold,
on my mind and heart.

Distorted images
Flaws on display
The lies screaming 
with self-hate.

I only missed a few meals
No big deal.
I only cry myself to sleep at night
It’s alright. 

I’m tired of allowing you 
to determine my worth.
My life is valuable 
I have a purpose on this earth.

The way I let you control me
and tear apart my mind.
No more! I am fearfully 
and wonderfully designed. 

Thin glass 
is all you are
When His voice speaks
you break apart.

Dear Mirror,                                                                               
I am done listening to the lies.
Dear Mirror,
My beauty comes from the inside. 

Megan Archuleta is a 20-year-old pursuing a B.A. in English at Southwestern Assemblies of God University. She has a passion for reading and writing and wants to use her writing to bring hope and light into the world. Currently, she is a technical writer intern at Los Alamos National Laboratory in New Mexico where she edits technical documentation used for maintenance across the laboratory. She has a passion for showing God’s love to hurting people and is involved in a sex-trafficking prevention ministry at her school for girls in a lower-income neighborhood.

3 thoughts on “Dear Mirror

  1. In a time when society has placed so much emphasis on outward appearance, especially through social media, it is so refreshing to have a young person write such an amazing poem. So many young people, especially girls, need to recognize that true beauty comes from the inside and that they are all created uniquely and loved dearly, by their creator. Proud of my granddaughter!


  2. This touched my heart! I love this poem because body dysmorphia is becoming more and more common, something I even struggled with. My nana read this to me just now and I heard it at the perfect time, God intended for me to hear that. You are so talented!!
    -Eunice, Judy’s granddaughter❤️


  3. Beautiful, heartfelt poem!!! So many young women struggle with self image, this is an awesome reminder of how important it is to find our identity in Christ!! Love your heart, Megs! 💕
    *Aunt Beck*


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