Out, Out

by Michael Shoemaker

Out, thou enemy of my soul!
No longer will I listen to 
your dangling pernicious words of hate, 
persuading whispers of sedition,
or laughter at my misery.

In me, you will not find a safe harbor or shelter
from the brightest beating sun of truth.  
Reprobate of heart, mind, might, will and reason,
I am not neutral and will not yield or run.

I will stand with the Son of God,
my Defense and Shield in all peril.
All your aims for me will fail and fall forever away.
I choose One- the Man of Gethsemane
who bought me with His blood.
Victory, victory for one day. 

Michael Shoemaker is a poet, writer, and photographer. His writing has appeared in Ancient Paths Literary Journalthe Christian Courier, The Compass Literary Magazine  and elsewhere. He lives in Magna, Utah with his wife, and son where he enjoys looking out on the Great Salt Lake every day. He is looking forward to two of his poems being published in the Poetry Pacific Anthology in 2024.

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