And He Frankly Forgave Them Both

by Michael Shoemaker

(Luke 7:42)

Jesus answered a Pharisee 
of two different debtors
one of five hundred pence
another of fifty.

Though different debtors the same 
for both had nothing to pay 
to free themselves from their
equal mountains of unpaid debt. 

Not one penny could either pay.
It could have been one penny
or a million, impossible for both.
In my miserable sin, I sit and see
the math of infinite mercy in that
He frankly forgave them both. 

Though years ago in Capernaum taught
words come to my mind and heart clear as the first
bold break of the sun over the mountains
“My son, I forgive you all, you are free.”

Michael Shoemaker is a poet, writer, and photographer. His writing has appeared in Ancient Paths Literary Journalthe Christian Courier, The Compass Literary Magazine  and elsewhere. He lives in Magna, Utah with his wife, and son where he enjoys looking out on the Great Salt Lake every day. He is looking forward to two of his poems being published in the Poetry Pacific Anthology in 2024.

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