by Sharon Williams

It’s not fair. 
I’m childless.
My husband’s dead. 
I’m homeless.
It’s not fair. 
I loved my husband. 
I was a good wife. 
A devoted daughter-in-law. 
I served God. 
This is not fair.
How is this right?
How is this my life?
I could only imagine this going through Ruth’s mind the day her husband died.
Of how this is not fair.
She was devoted to her husband. 
She served God. 
She loved her family. 
How was she still dealt this hand?
How does anyone move on from here?
Ruth chose to move in love and faith.
Her faith did not waiver.
Her devotion did not fade. 
And her love grew. 
We will all have times,
when the odds are stacked against us and the fights’ not fair.
When the pain is undeserving, 
It gets truly hard to pray.
But like Ruth, we need to press on anyway.
No one is saying what you are going through is fair or right.
We don’t get to choose our battles, but we get to choose how we fight. 
Like Ruth had a decision,
we to have choices to make.
We can be defined by our sorrows, 
Or refined in our faith. 
As you are making your choice amidst your world being destroyed, 
know that our God is not a God who leaves you with voids. 
Know that as Ruth was burying her husband,
Her future husband Boaz on his way.
Her home was being replaced, 
and God would make sure that she would see her son’s face. 
But for these things to come to fruition, Ruth had to choose 
Love and Faith. 
Sometimes the fight isn’t fair, and it will feel unwarranted, painful and heartbreaking. 
Know with God victory is sure and restoration guaranteed. 
Hold on to God. 
Keep hold of love and your faith. 
Fight on,
even when it feels unfair.
God is for you. 
You are not alone nor forgotten.
The choice is yours to make. 
Don’t be defined by your sorrows, 
be refined by your love and your faith. 

Sharon Williams lives her life in Minnesota. She has been writing poetry for the past 26 years. When she is not working, reading books or writing them, she is enjoying time with her husband and two children.

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