Angels Among Us

by Jimmy Lisotto

Celestial messengers of the Lord,
Singing His praises, spreading His word.
Angels all around us, yet out of our sight,
Ready to comfort by day or by night.

Divine, serene, emissaries of light,
Wishing to assist those souls in plight
By enfolding them fondly in heavenly arms,
Seeking to alleviate anguish or harm.

Unseen stewards from Heaven above,
Their uplifting touch conveys absolute love
Which shines through the darkness, warming our hearts,
Relieving our spirit from worry and doubt.

Our shrouded guardians, though seldom heard,
Help us stay true to the Almighty's word
By guiding us as we stroll life's path
Struggling with issues of temptation and faith.

Although angels reside in paradise,
They are always near, though hidden from the eye.
Seeing to our needs, answering our prayers, 
Lovingly tending those under their care.

Jimmy Lisotto is a writer and poet living in New Hampshire. His poetry has been previously published in the anthology The Silence Remembers.

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