It’s Easter!

by Pat Severin

As Easter is approaching
we must remember this.
We celebrate God’s promise kept
and so we can’t be dismiss
what Jesus did, the Father’s Son.
It was at God’s direction
that He should suffer for our wrongs
because of God’s affection.
He took the sins of all of us,
though He was pure and holy.
The suffering that He sustained
was meant for us. He slowly
died on the cross that fateful day.
His agony was such
that He fulfilled the prophecy.
God loved us all that much.
Then three days later, from the tomb
triumphantly arose
that you might live eternally!
It’s you the Father chose
to live with Him in Heaven above
when your life is no more.
This Easter time remember that
it’s you God did adore!

Pat Severin is a retired Christian school teacher who serves her Lord in many ways. These have included school, church and teen ministries and her current personal ministry of creating cards that include her original poems of encouragement. These she sends out weekly to those going through difficult life struggles. 

In addition to her Christian poetry contributions to the Agape Review, she has been published in the Clay Jar Review, Thewayback2ourselves, and Pure in Heart Stories, which features Christian poetry and stories for children. She has been published in many of the Southern Arizona Press Anthologies, in the book called I Chose You: Imperfectly Perfect Rescue Dogs and their Humans and will be featured in the upcoming book, Chicken Soup for the Soul: Lessons I Learned from My Dog. Pat is a member of SCBWI, the Society of Children’s Book writers and Illustrators.

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