Where Solitude Blooms

by Marietta Lea B. Rosana

Where solitude blooms
I think of You, O God,
in endless rapture.

As vast as the sky 
is Your love
Who am I that You take delight 
oblivious of my transgressions?

You bless my mind 
with sunbeams
lilting rainbows in my heart,
fashion my becoming

Oh, I am but dross
Purified by Your embrace.

Marietta Lea B. Rosana hails from Tabaco City, Philippines. She is an educator, a retired judge, a lawyer and has been engaged in the practice of law since 1987. She gives legal counseling to poor litigants and teaches law in college after her retirement from the judiciary. Writing poetry is her favorite pastime with the themes on love, justice, silence and hope. Being a member of the Companions of Our Lady of the Cenacle, her poetry speaks of God’s love. Some of her poems have been published in the Catholic Poetry Room, Philippine Graphic Magazine, The Philippine Journal of Education and the defunct Bulletin Today. She firmly believes that poetry is the soul of a nation that can strengthen one’s faith.

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