Accepting What You Cannot Change

by Ana Atanasković

You know that you have taken an important step in your consciousness when you realize what you can change and what you cannot, what is God’s will. Then you feel wholeness, peace, satisfaction, tranquility, swaying with the sea and the emotion that you transmitted by waves. When you are in the shell of the material space that you may have previously said was unacceptable, and now it is your royal piece of land. It is royal because you are whole from head to toe, rounded and surrounded by pure emotion, accepting what is and how it is because God knows better, and taking something huge from something small.

And then the environment also sways from the enjoyment in a point as small as a poppy seed, and you add your enjoyment. And you become bathed in a halved God’s grain more than if you were in the heart of ungodly infinity.

Ana Atanasković is a writer from Serbia. She graduated English language and literature at the Faculty of Philology in Belgrade, and holds a Master’s degree in advertising in literature. Ana has over ten published books to her credit. As a journalist, she wrote for Serbian edition of ELLE, as well as for many prominent Serbian magazines and websites (currentlym she writes for one print magazine and two digital publications). She has won several awards for best book reviews and stories. Besides, she also works as a content writer.

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