You Know Me Best

by Maria Grace Nobile

Before I was born, you established a plan for my life.

You knew me best and chose the right path for me.

My strengths and weaknesses are that part of me that You 

created for a purpose.

Who accepts me truly but Thee?

I am your creation.
You understand me and my intentions.

You are my shield and protector.

My faults will never stray You from me.
Your loving thoughts of me are greater than the number of grains of sand.

My life is forever intertwined with Yours.

A destiny written in the stars.

Maria Grace Nobile is from New York City. Her work has been published in Livina Pressand Poetry as Promised Literary Magazine and it also appears in an anthology, Inked with Passion. She is currently a university lecturer of modern languages. She loves writing poetry, both spiritual and prose, and in various languages. She is devoted to writing spiritual poetry celebrating God’s love.

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