In My Tackle Box

by Angela Hoffman

is the simple, familiar,
remembering to breathe, the pause in between,
the sacred in the ordinary, the lure of a new day,
a sanctuary of space, a pocket of peace,
the commonplace,
repeated attempts led by grace,
a catch of tender-hearted friends, jigs of joy, 
night crawling hours of sleep,
feet in the water, breeze on my cheeks,
service and solitude spun on a line,
forgiveness cast far and wide,
the past released, the present moment dangling, 
measuring stick and scale left behind,
conversations with God while I wait,
a pen to anchor my thoughts, clear the muddy waters,
gratitude tangled in everything.

Angela Hoffman’s poetry collections include Resurrection Lily (Kelsay Books, 2022) and Olly Olly Oxen Free (forthcoming, Kelsay Books, May 2023). She placed third in the WFOP Kay Saunders Memorial Emerging Poet in 2022. Her poems have been published internationally. She has written a poem a day since the start of the pandemic. Angela lives in rural Wisconsin.  

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