Doors That Open To Jubilation

by Stephen Paul Wren

As my eyes were closed and I was fixed on Him, a purple spot of light grew in the blackness all around, and the violin that was playing helped to lift my worship. I sensed His throne room in the distance, and His love. His royal Grace, His sacrifice, and Truth. He held everyone close in places that were sacred to Him. My body was tingling in His presence. I saw that the purple light could open into the throne room itself. I sensed that jubilation could be reached by praising Him more. It was later that this experience felt like a series of doors. Doors into Paradise that were similar and dissimilar to Alice’s adventure; the rabbit-hole that went straight on like a tunnel for some way, and then dipped suddenly down. I thought about what it would take to open the small aperture, into a tunnel, before entry into the throne room was allowed. This journey was exciting.  I wanted to open the doors again. 

Dr Stephen Paul Wren was educated at Cambridge and worked as an industrial chemist before transitioning back into academia at Oxford. He joined Kingston University in September 2018 where he works as a Senior lecturer. Stephen’s poetry can be read here.

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