by Terri Martin Wilkins

Glittering glacial knife edge of distraction
Slicing snipping blighting my yearning to approach boldly
               in my thunderous need.
               gasping in the fractal freefall of the deep,
Weary feet churning, thrashing,
Tentative toes scratching for a crevice
               to cling to the Rock,
Solidity to anchor the fragility of faith
               If I can grasp it.

Distant reverberations soft with redolence of comfort
Smothered by antagonistic static swollen on my tongue,
               maiming my ears.
Fierce imaginings tempt me from peace
Always always back into this chaos of incongruity.
                ‘Be gone, be gone.’
Still, they creep back 
               Secret, sly, insistent on distraction.

Skittering skidding off the threshold of devotion
               Yearning still reaches
               Humility still trusts
               Faith grasps covenant.

Songs of amazing grace
               Resonate deep in my bones
               Metamorphosing the structure
               Taking away the old
               Putting on the new
While I desperately gasp 	
               To be amazed by grace again.

Terri Martin Wilkins is a follower of Jesus Christ, often failing but always relying on grace. She writes to express lament, praise, and the often-difficult struggle to trust God in all things. Her works have previously been published by the Heart of Flesh Literary Journal, Red Letter Christians, and Agape Review.

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