The Struggle

by Diana Reed-Martin

Of all the roads that I have trod, 
I have searched to find my God. 
The struggle caused me great distress, 
I could not sleep, I could not rest. 

When facing my uncertainty, 
the trust in faith eluded me. 
Is Jesus near when we pass away?
I did not not know, I could not say. 

Once can listen but still not hear,
yet He tried to draw me near. 
One can look and still not see, 
yet he said, “Child come to me.”

He came to me and then he spoke, 
“You know I’m God, choose faith not hope.”
On that day my struggle ceased, 
The chains were gone, I’d been released. 

Diana Reed-Martin is a retired Special Needs Teacher and a novice poet who has been published by Beachcombing Magazine. Her winning valentine cachet was published by the Loveland Colorado Valentine Remailing Program. Also, one of her haikus was printed in a local newspaper. Having been published by Beach Combing Magazine, Diana, as all poets, hopes to be published again. Diana resides with her husband and the most beloved cat in Colorado. She enjoys singing while playing the guitar, writing in coffee shops and spending time with her husband, Don.

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