Recalling Who I Am

by Mark Weinrich

When life’s complications
descend like a claustrophobic storm
I remember who I am in the Lord.

I am clay, He is my Potter.
I am a sheep, He is my Shepherd.
I am a servant, He is my Master.
I am a child, He is my Father.
I am a disciple, Jesus is my teacher.
I am a friend, Jesus calls me friend.
I am a new creature born of His Spirit,
born as a citizen into His kingdom.

His love reminds me 
that what seemed overwhelming
is merely a sea-calming passage 
with my Lord.
He is making me a message
and messenger of grace. 

Mark Weinrich lives a creative life as a writer, photographer, musician, and artist—all wrapped together in an outdoorsman. He is a retired pastor and nine-year cancer survivor. His writing and photography have appeared in over 139 news stand, inspirational, and literary publications. He has sold eight children’s books and currently has two fantasy novels on Kindle.

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