The Truths of Psalm 1:3

by Penelope Guzzo

“He is like a tree 
planted by streams of water 
that yields its fruit in its season, 
and its leaf does not wither. 
In all that he does, he prospers.”

             She is like a seed. 
She travels through the rushing stream; 
she is propelled off the rock. 
Thrown to another.  
Planted in the coarse, brown mud— 
maturing before time and  
rooted by the Tree of Life. 
She soon develops the fruits of the season. 
The fruit of this season is peace. 
The fruit of the next season is patience.   
When winter arrives,  
her leaves do not wither. 
The wicked wind  
does not tempt the leaves  
to the dark, lonely paths  
across the way.  
Her leaves stay pure  
and develop into rose buds of red. 
The Thunderstorm cleanses  
the buds into a snowy white. 
His rain takes the whip of the wind, 
and is flung across the thorns of the bush below— 
a crown. 
The lightning strikes the cold, wet ground— 
awakening the fallen leaves  
on the obscure, chilling path. 
The flames are nourished  
by the breath of the Psalms. 
The flames ascend through the chill of the air, 
clearing the land and making it anew.

Penelope Guzzo is a creative writing student at a Tampa private Christian school. Her poems have been published in The Way Back to Ourselves Journal. She has earned awards for costume design in technical theater. Her love for literature started in third grade when her teacher challenged her to write her own book. Since then, she has gone on an expedition to uncover her creative desires to communicate her thoughts—by saying nothing yet writing so loud that the world would hear. In her free time, she loves to have fun with her friends or settle down with a good book.

One thought on “The Truths of Psalm 1:3

  1. “She has gone on an expedition to uncover her creative desires to communicate her thoughts—by saying nothing yet writing so loud that the world would hear-” I love that part of your bio. It’s beautifully poetic, and I totally relate. I’ve always been better at expressing myself in writing than with words.

    This was such a beautiful poem, and very deep. I’m not great with poetic analysis, and some of it may have gone over my head, but I definitely loved it. I particularly liked the part about thunderstorm and the rain. In my mind, these represent the tribulation we face in life, and how when we’re rooted in Christ and nourishing ourselves in the Word, trials and tribulations do not destroy us, but make us stronger. God uses them to mold us, and make us more Christ-like. The crown reference made me think of Jesus’ crown of thorns, but I’m not sure if that’s what you had in mind. Maybe the lightning reprents the subject’s greatest source of adversity, but instead of allowing it to destroy her, she allows it to clear away old, less-divine ways, and create clearer, newer paths in keeping with God’s will for her life? From the first stanza, we learn that she is rooted in the Lord.

    Psalms 1 was one of the first Bible passages I ever memorized. Love it!


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