Audacious by Beth Moore — Book Review

by Nila K. Bartley

This book is Beth Moore at her best. The way she puts words together in this book is a form of art. That paired with her particular brand of humor makes for a unique writing style. Then comes the third element, which establishes this book as unputdownable — her resolute voracity. Her resolute voracity is simply this — to make one fall more in love with Jesus. 

This is the sole purpose for which this book was written. To make a Christian fall more in love with Jesus. It is on each and every page. Every word is meant to deepen one’s walk with our Savior. No, not just to deepen our walk with Him, but to be all in. A kind of love that includes every fiber of your being, every cell of your body, and every part of your DNA and more. As Mark 12:30 says, “And thou shall love the Lord thy God with all thy heart, and with all thy soul, and with all thy mind, and with all thy strength: this is the first commandment” (end of scripture). A love that loves Jesus with your entire being. No holding back. No holds barred. No ifs, ands, or buts. Completely.

Beth Moore starts out one of the chapters in this book, entitled The First Audacious Move. One may ask, what is it about? It is about wanting to love Jesus the way I just described in the previous paragraph. And until we discern with our whole being, the full measure of God’s love for each of us individually, that kind of relationship isn’t going to happen. How does a child of God get to that point in life? Step by step. That is precisely how it happened in my own life. The more of Jesus you get, the more a follower of Christ wants. The more time you spend with Him and take absolute pleasure in His presence, the more you want of Christ. I feel a peace and a calm while enjoying His company. Humans love in varying degrees. To love Jesus to the utmost degree is a direct result of how much time a child of the Kingdom spends with Christ. Humans do not trust someone they do not know. When a daughter or son of God fully realizes how much the Almighty loves him or her, you cannot help but to reciprocate. We reciprocate by loving God the way He loves us — with His entire being. The Almighty does not know how to love any other way. That makes His love for us audacious. Shouldn’t we return that love in the same manner?

The title of this book is “Audacious.” In one of the chapters, Beth Moore gives us the meaning of this word from the dictionary. She has us mark out one of the meanings for this word that does not agree with scripture. A love like the one she writes about fits the meaning of this word. Not just that we should love our Savior that way, but He already loves us that way individually or Jesus would have never gone to Calvary. Hence, He is worthy of loving audaciously. Worthy is the Lamb, who gave His life for our sins. I encourage anyone reading this to read Beth Moore’s book, “Audacious.” Why? Worthy is the Lamb! This book is worth the read.

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Nila K. Bartley is in her late fifties and lives in Ohio, U.S. She is married to her forever love, Jason. Nila volunteers at her church and was the teacher of the Ladies’ Sunday School Class there for three years. She considers her writing ability to be a talent from the Lord and serves Him with her writing. Nila derives joy from this and hopes people are blessed by her short stories and poems.

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