We are Moving

by Lindsey Byrd

“We are moving”
The three words I never wanted to hear.
In July, my dad had his interview.
All day I was anxious.
All day I held my breath when I heard a car go by
Thinking maybe he was home.
Finally, I heard someone tapping the numbers on the door’s keypad.
He set down his stuff and gave me a big squeeze.
He said he was pleased with how the interview went.
We would still not know if he got the job until weeks later.

One Sunday afternoon, my dad called me into the living room.
He told me that he was offered the job.
“I am going to take it,” he said.
All at once, I was overcome by emotions.
I was sad, angry, confused, excited.
But I didn’t know what to think.

After some weeks of mulling it over,
I came to accept the concept of moving to Augusta, GA.
Then a thought came to me one night:
“Don’t run away from God’s plan because you’re afraid 
Of the unknown.
Instead, embrace it knowing God is with you.”
That phrase changed everything.
With only a few weeks left in Flintstone,
I’m not scared to move to Augusta anymore
Because I know God is with me.

Lindsey Weston Byrd, an eleven-year-old homeschooled student, lives in Augusta, GA. She has been writing stories and poems since she was five. Lindsey also enjoys playing the piano, caring for her pet bearded dragon “Clementine,” and fishing for bass and bluegill in the pond behind her house. Lindsey lives with her parents and her three sisters.

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