Under a Colored Sky

by PM Flynn

(For BWF on our 4th Wedding Anniversary)

Under the shadows is light where I stood before we touched,
under shadows that were never seen before. I could not say 
hidden because we had not met the darkness, shadows 
walking in rooms with eyes closed, alone:
whispering words that do not touch shadows or light; 
sounds that never leave the spoken darkness; whispers 
that are always shadows.
The sun is color to single source leaves, color from all light 
given over shadows that disappear whenever you are light
inside me, under the colored sky where we dream—under
heaven—under God who is light that has no turning, above
the gray of everything else.

PM Flynn is a North Carolina writer. He holds a B.S. in English from East Carolina University, roasts organic coffee and has been published in many fine print and online anthologies, newsletters, and literary magazines and reviews including Helen Literary Magazine, the Fictional Café, Main Street Rag, The Grassroots Women’s Project, Port Folio Weekly, The Mirror/Slush, Anti-Heroin Chic, 50 Haikus, Fleas on the Dog Online Quarterly, CactiFur, etc.

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