Rocket Scientists

by Joe Bisicchia

Maybe it’s in the understanding of propulsion,
what must sufficiently power such an engine,
as if fully knowing it, all this almighty awe.

God is such a big Word.
To comprehend such the incomprehensible
may take slews of degrees of doctorates,
so much expertise of electricians, theologians,
and yet still not be properly defined.

Our grownup vision relies on mathematical eyes. 
It shouldn’t be just a blur to soar over our heads.

And yet, maybe it’s nothing complex or robotic
as much as it’s simple.				
Maybe we should just have the sensibilities
of children.

They’d say there’s a loud roar as if by spirit.

Yes, the wise just need a soul childlike,
even if not seeing it but blessed
more than enough
to hear it, 
and even properly fear it.

Without being afraid to know it.

So simple is the ability to love.

Gets harder when you’re all too smart
thinking you’re all so grown up.

Joe Bisicchia writes of our shared dynamic. An Honorable Mention recipient for the Fernando Rielo XXXII World Prize for Mystical Poetry, he has written three published collections of poetry, as well as over two hundred individual works that have been published in over one hundred publications. His website is

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