On the Way

by Joe Bisicchia

The way unwinds
precious as a worn prayer book.
The kind held close, but also aside
so to see the way drift by.  

Let us pray
for all those who are so burdened, 
those so bogged down they lose sight
of the way. 

And for ourselves
when we too are so slow,
so bogged down in ourselves
to even notice those lost. 

Let us touch the parchment again.
Right here. And see each other.
Between the lines.
On the way.

Joe Bisicchia writes of our shared dynamic. An Honorable Mention recipient for the Fernando Rielo XXXII World Prize for Mystical Poetry, he has written three published collections of poetry, as well as over two hundred individual works that have been published in over one hundred publications. His website is www.widewide.world.

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