Compass in Hand

by Angela Brinkman

Dear God, 

It’s undoubtedly time for me to let the reins go,
I cannot muster the sheer willpower on my own,
It’s weighing on me this heavy burden of sorrow,
I cannot hold, drag, or carry it along alone.

The swollen dark tides of my lost soul have all rushed in,
I cannot continue cutting myself on sharp shells,
Translucent tide rolls back out revealing my red sin,
I cannot bury my wrongs inside all of my cells.

I have been adrift, wandering aimlessly at sea,
I cannot avoid Your outstretched arms any longer,
Mighty waves of worn weakness are thrashing over me,
I cannot resist, You alone make me much stronger.

My sinful desires piercing so deep inside they bleed,
I cannot be selfish and let You be in command,
Treading water going nowhere I see my great need,
I cannot navigate these seas, no compass in hand.

Angela Brinkman (aka Serene) started posting her poetry and photography in March of 2020 on Instagram. Within two months, 1,000 followers graced her account. She has been featured in The Auctores monthly publication in 2020, The Listen Experience in 2021, as well as performing in a multitude of online open mics in the US and internationally. Angela is also a member of the Poetry Global Network as Head of Design for publicity materials in social media marketing. Angela likes to deeply connect with her readers through tangible emotions, hoping to touch hearts and/or bring comfort, as she is a survivor of abuse herself.

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