Whoever reads this, I wish you peace

by Ron Riekki

in your sleep
and when you are indoors
and when you are trying to remember how to spell accommodate
and when you hum to yourself
and when you type
and at weddings
and in the deep end
and when you are comforted
and when you are not
and when you read this poem
and when you read other poems
and when you are not reading
and when your head is sore
and when you are lucky
and when you are not
and when your cousin comes over
and when you are lost
and when you are found
and I hope this peace
laces your life
with such beauty.

Ron Riekki has published poetry in Rattle, Poetry NorthwestBeloit Poetry Journal, fiction in Threepenny ReviewBellevue Literary ReviewWigleaf, nonfiction in River Teeth, New Orleans Review, and more. Right now, Riekki is listening to Richard Burton read Dylan Thomas’ “Fern Hill.”

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