The Little Boy Who Could

by Jason Kirk Bartley

There once was a little boy.
Every Sunday he dressed in a suit and tie to go with his parents to church.
He was such an ornery little fellow.
He really did not want to be there.
But He made the best of his situation,
running around the church and climbing on the back pews.
He was always on the move and full of energy and sarcasm.
His Dad was a trustee for the church,
the head trustee to be exact.
He was embarrassed of his little boy who took liberty in entertaining himself within the confines of  the sacred sanctuary.
The boy’s Dad was a younger man who was almost bald with black hair on his sides. 
One day, for the sake of his pride, 
he constrained him, and told the little tyke not to move a muscle and stay in his seat in his raspy grumbly voice.
The preacher began his sermon.
“Jesus did not forbid the children to come unto him.”
This spoke right to the little sandy-blonde haired chap’s heart,
tears began to flow from his blue puppy dog eyes,
and he quickly wiped them away, 
so not to bring attention to himself. 
Conviction began to fill his heart and spirit,
‘till He made his way up to the altar.
But Dad quickly tried to intervene and persuade his boy to stay seated, 
thinking he was up to “no good.”
The father tried to grab his son’s arm,
to no avail, 
the slippery little lad continued his quest for the altar, jerking away from his father.
Tears began to run down his cheeks.
He began to sob, “Jesus, I am yours!” The five-year-old proclaimed as he knelt down to pray.
The preacher helped him pray and cross the threshold to Christ.
Jesus saved Him that day, 
knowing that the heart of this child was His.
When his dad finally made it up there he welcomed his son to the family of God.
A changed little man stood up with his loudest voice, tears in his eyes, “I love you Jesus.”

Jason Kirk Bartley is a Christian poet from Chillicothe, Ohio. He is 47 years old and married to Nila, his forever love. He has been published poems and won awards. Jason holds a Master’s degree in Ministry from Ohio Christian University in Circleville, Ohio. 

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