My Prayer for You

by Nila K. Bartley

My prayer for you is to be
To discover yourself and be free
To discover where your passion lies
Not worry about the hows, wherefores, and whys 
To discover come what may 
That you can bring your passion and skill into play
To discover how that passion and skill
You can use to create and still
Still be what God has called you to
To stay on the straight and narrow and see it through 
Through to the other side
And while traveling—enjoy the ride
Enjoy this ride called life
Till happiness and joy outweigh the strife 
Happiness and joy are essential 
You will need them to reach your God-given potential 
To fulfill your potential is my prayer for you 
So to yourself and God be true
For you I daily pray all this
So in your life you will not miss 
The secret of a life full of purpose and contentment 
Is to follow God with total abandonment 

Nila K. Bartley is in her late fifties and lives in Ohio, U.S. She is married to her forever love, Jason. Nila volunteers at her church and was the teacher of the Ladies’ Sunday School Class there for three years. She considers her writing ability to be a talent from the Lord and serves Him with her writing. Nila derives joy from this and hopes people are blessed by her short stories and poems.

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