Stay the Course

by Nila K. Bartley

How does one stay on the narrow, less traveled path? 
How does one stay the course and never incur God's wrath? 

How does one experience freedom as it was meant to be? 
How does one find light in the darkness so you can truly see? 

How does one find true joy and contentment that the world is searching for? 
How does one find love that will make your spirit soar?

How does one find peace in such an evil place?
How does one find the one true God's face?

How does one find victory when it feels all is lost?
How does one find these answers without counting the cost?

How does one put an end to all this strife?
How does one find the true meaning of life?


Nila K. Bartley is in her late fifties and lives in Ohio, U.S. She is married to her forever love, Jason. Nila volunteers at her church and was the teacher of the Ladies’ Sunday School Class there for three years. She considers her writing ability to be a talent from the Lord and serves Him with her writing. Nila derives joy from this and hopes people are blessed by her short stories and poems.

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