One Should Not Run Away From Thorns

by Ana Atanasković

It’s been a while that when I imagine You it is enough just to see a silhouette of You facing away. You are sitting, and it is enough for me just to see Your sandals, and There You are, I feel You, the One who can do what I still can’t and I’m fighting with myself to be able to, but it doesn’t work.

I pray, but it doesn’t work. Nevertheless, I still know that You are the only way on which I might be able to change myself, only You. I don’t want to hear any more ideas where You are not present, I only want to listen to what is good in life from You, not from the instincts of people.

A man can think with certainty only the thoughts about You, everything else is uncertain. I’m nowhere near worthy. But, well, at least I didn’t listen to the bad advice to throw Your plant, crown-of-thorns, out of the apartment.

If You could wear it around your head, I can keep it in the apartment. One should not run away from thorns. I say that and then I sometimes spiritually run away. I do not run away from a plant, but from a nearby thorn. Then I think of You and I come back. But I can always try harder.

You are the only true Absolute, beyond the earthly destiny, beyond the planets, beyond the old symbols that exist but become irrelevant with just one thought of You.

Ana Atanasković is a writer from Serbia. She graduated English language and literature at the Faculty of Philology in Belgrade, and holds a Master’s degree in advertising in literature. Ana has over ten published books to her credit. As a journalist, she wrote for Serbian edition of ELLE, as well as for many prominent Serbian magazines and websites (currentlym she writes for one print magazine and two digital publications). She has won several awards for best book reviews and stories. Besides, she also works as a content writer.

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