In Remembrance Again 🎄

by Debbie Felio

Once again in dark December
we are called to gather
to worship the Child
born in a manger

Called again, each to remember
we belong to one another.
None too good or too wild
we welcome all - friend and stranger.

In prideful falls, we all are sinners
in need of this Gift from the Father
forgiveness from a baby meek and mild.
We walk in Light - darkness no longer.

Coming together 
again in December
in unity to remember
He is the King of All.

Debbie Felio is a late in life witness poet exploring and writing on the mundane, the miraculous and the under-represented sides of historic and current issues. She continues her lifelong pursuit of finding God in the smallest places in life, and admitting the challenges of faith when the world is in chaos. Her work is published online and in print, including anthologies Hay(na)ku 15 ( Eileen Tabios, editor); Minnie’s Diary, A Southern Literary Review October (2018) ;and Gabriel’s Horn:Startled by Joy and Startled by Nature (2020), Refuse to Stay Silent (2020) a collection by Colorado artists commemorating the centennial of the 19th amendment, and I-70 Review Anthology, 2022. Her untitled cherita sequence was a published finalist in the MacQueens’s Quarterly March 2021 ekphrastic challenge.

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