The Joyful Spirit of Vintage Christmas Cards 🎄

by Ana Atanasković

My favorite season is by no means winter. I’m a Mediterranean type of person, I’m also a HSP which, among other things, means I can’t stand winter, cold, ice and snow, neither practically nor esoterically. Therefore, the beginning of the winter period is a challenge for me. What makes it beautiful are the holidays, especially Christmas. It is the time when God’s son was born, which subtly leads us to peaceful way of life. It leads us to pause, to slow down. No one is without challenges in life, they are an integral part of it. But at the end of December, we get the greatest gift – the time to be tucked in as much as we can, connected with dear people and with ourselves as much as we can, be joyfully calm and calmly joyful.

The Christmas season is an opportunity to learn to find happiness even in the seemingly smallest things. Such happiness can be greater than major problems because happiness is always more powerful.

This year, I decided that one of my small pleasures would be to enjoy vintage holiday cards. I saved only a few and reached for the so often criticized internet. It is so easy to criticize and it seems difficult to praise. The internet can be very useful if we use it properly.

And so I started typing ‘Christmas card’ on Pinterest search and came across a lot of beautiful vintage greeting cards that instantly brought me back to my childhood and brought cozy and happy feelings to me.

I saw once again adorable illustrations of lamps, snow, candles, Christmas trees, ornaments, red cheeks, Santa Claus, presents, love, hope, bells, Snowmen, white streets, decorations, warmth, peace and endless beauty. The colours were warm and the Christmas spirit lived in those illustrations. And it will live on because I will continue to keep looking for it.

The most important thing is to have a will and a good intention. God rewards them the most.

Ana Atanasković is a writer from Serbia. She graduated English language and literature at the Faculty of Philology in Belgrade, and holds a Master’s degree in advertising in literature. Ana has over ten published books to her credit. As a journalist, she wrote for Serbian edition of ELLE, as well as for many prominent Serbian magazines and websites (currentlym she writes for one print magazine and two digital publications). She has won several awards for best book reviews and stories. Besides, she also works as a content writer.

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