I Feel So Forsaken

by Michael D. Young

My God, O, my God, I feel so forsaken, 
As troubles surround me, I feel so alone. 
I yearn and I seek Thy love once partaken, 
I need Thy pure grace to heal and atone. 

I cry in the daytime, and struggle to hear, 
The voice of Thy comfort to help me endure. 
I cry in the night-time, encompassed by fear.
My mortal foundation feels weak and unsure. 
I know Thou art holy, our fathers relied, 
They trusted and praised Thee, for thou didst redeem. 
In deserts and oceans to Thee, they have cried. 
Thy mercy has flowed unto them as a stream. 
My God, O, my God, I trust in Thy timing, 
For if Thou art silent, I sense then Thy trust. 
So held fast by faith, to thee I am climbing, 
With hope as an anchor, I rise from the dust.

Michael D. Young is a graduate of Brigham Young University and Western Governors University with degrees in German Teaching, Music, Educational Leadership and Instructional Design. Though he grew up traveling the world with his military father, he now lives in Utah with his wife, Jen, and their three children, where he creates online curriculum for BYU. He enjoys acting in community theater, playing and writing music and spending time with his family. He played for several years with the handbell choir Bells on Temple Square and is now a member of the Tabernacle Choir at Temple Square. 

He is the author of the novels in The Canticle Kingdom SeriesThe Last Archangel Series, the Chess Quest Series and the Penultimate Dawn Cycle (The Hunger), as well as several non-fictions works, including An Advent Carols CountdownThe Song of the Righteous, As Saints We Sing, and The Song of the Saints. He has also had work featured in various online and print magazines such as Bards and Sages QuarterlyMindflightsMeridianNugent Magazine, The New EraKeeping TabAllegoryLiahona, and Ensign. He has also won honorable mention three times in the Writers of the Future contest. 

One thought on “I Feel So Forsaken

  1. Michael, this one surprises me—maybe cause I don’t want to feel like He could forsake me, or maybe cause I’d hate to feel I felt He had, but I do see the turn toward Him and a renewal of hope and a rise of faith in the end of the poem. You do express yourself so well. I know you excell in music as well as writing. I admire your creativity.


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