For Us ๐ŸŽ„

by Teresa Burleson

The Gift is given.
At the appointed
He was sent.
Deity wore flesh,
The Owner of all
With nowhere
To lay His head,
The Only Begotten
Birthed where beasts were kept,
Welcomed by shepherds,
Oh, see what it took
To reclaim us all.
The Gift is given.
Nothing is withheld.
In this one small child,
Love Himself spoke
The final Word.

A free-lancer for over 40 years, Teresa Burleson has credits in over 45 magazines. In 2002, she received the National League of American Pen Women Virginia Liebeler Biennial Grant for Mature Women in the letters category. She is the author of The Pilgrimโ€™s Lyre, published in 2003 and Rose Without Thorns, published in 2013.

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