by Jiana Abela Nakashima

Comforting cushions
as she lays, enveloped in cozy blankets. 
Cocooned within a warm embrace, 
a gentle hand soothes sorrows from along her back,
as the other gently urges her heavy head to his chest,
the soaked spots she leaves on his t-shirt. 
Compassionate words 
unsettled in the silent, solemn air, 
taking its time to 
infiltrate the continual tears. 
Despite wounds exposed, 
pieces shattered,
still broken, 
despair remaining 
She is seen. And she is held. 
While there was

about her that was
significant enough to deserve such 
She wasn’t worthy.
Still, there it was. 
Wonderfully kind. 
Yet, this all unveiled a mere glimpse into 
a much deeper well of 

Jiana Abela Nakashima is currently a student at Colorado Christian University studying Psychology with a personal interest in Creative Writing. 

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