He is of Age

by Dennis Williams

Fresh from the pool of Siloam, a pool outside Jerusalem, a blind man obeyed the instruction of Jesus to wash in the pool, and he receive his sight.

The people gathered were perplexed at the miracle, knowing that the former blind man was a beggar on the street side who was now praising God.

So they took him to the authorities to explain this great feat, a former blind beggar was now on his feet, going about, fully sighted praising God.

The authorities summoned his parents to attend the interrogation.

“Is this your son?” they asked the duo. “Explain to us how he now can see.”

“We know he is our son,” the mother said, “we know he was born blind but now he can see, as to who opened his eyes and restore his sight, that we do not know, but you can ask him, he can speak for himself, he is of age.”

Dennis Williams is an emerging poet-writer from Sandy Hill, St. Catherine, Jamaica. His writings have been published in Agape Review, the American Diversity Report (ADR), Alchemy Spoon issue #7, and the Health Line Zine #1.

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